Watchy's Diversions

Sometimes we can't help but laugh at the way our little "Watchy" goes off on tangents which s/he hopes will convince the reader that something is wrong with those whom s/he opposes.

As but one example - The Jewish Press whine:

In early 2001, "Watchy" found an online 'book' (not available in printed form, it appears) titled The Rainbow Swastika (subtitled 'A Report to the Jewish People about New Age Antisemitism' <sic>) by Hannah Newman. This work by someone who openly admits that she has " academic degree even remotely related to this field.  No list of published books, teaching stints...." attempts to link New Age beliefs (whatever they are) with anti-Semitism. Some of her work focuses on Madame Blavatsky and the Theosophical Society which "Watchy" wants desperately to believe are somehow intimately related to Freemasonry. With breathless prose, a newsgroup message was posted heralding this work which "Watchy" seemed to think was of great importance to the world. When we read it, we found Ms. Newman's 'report' to prove that she had no academic degree even remotely related nor did she have anything but a bunch of wild theories thrown together in which she conveniently mixes Freemasonry with a bunch of other groups but even then, she manages to throw in a back-handed and parenthetical compliment: "[This would imply another reason why Steiner and the Freemasons, as "humanitarian" strains of occultism, were ruthlessly attacked by both Thulists and Nazis: they were considered too compassionate to do what was needed to usher in the New Age.]"

Now before we get too far afield in this (succumbing to "Watchy's" standard modus operandi of 'diverting the discourse'), let's focus on the current whine. In a reply to "Watchy's" breathless prose about this, I replied that Ms. Newman's work was far from definitive (something which should be readily apparent from her own bona fides) and that I hadn't noticed this work receiving any attention in the Jewish Press.

"Watchy", who was roundly criticized for anti-Semitic behavior in his other guise as 'St. John the Sublime Reformer', immediately began ranting about my use of the words "Jewish press" and demanding that I define exactly what "Jewish press" I was referring to.  There were strong intimations - and more than a couple of outright libelous statements - that there was no such thing as a "Jewish press" and that my suggestion that there might be anything of the kind to be somehow anti-Semitic.  Typically, however, these baseless charges are a ruse. One need only have even a passing familiarity with Jewish life to know that the 'Jewish Press' is a strong and vibrant part of the Jewish community with the first Jewish newspaper being published in Amsterdam in the 1600s! Hundreds of websites are available (including, for example, the Institute for the Study of the Jewish Press and Communications at Tel-Aviv University and the listing of membership available at the American Jewish Press Association which even includes Canadian Jewish Press members for "Watchy's" benefit) to see just how ludicrous these claims of a non-existent Jewish press really are. It's all just part and parcel of the web of deceit fabricated to defame Freemasonry....  Sad, really!


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