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"If one thinks that people ought to listen to him because he "knows" things, he will be forever angry when they don't and bitter when he realizes that they follow someone who doesn't "know" even half of what he does. That, is the crux of the matter.  If you're trying to lead and no-one follows, it's not because "they" are wrong. "  
Ted Hogan

At the head of our page on the United Grand Lodge of America, we usually start with a block that contains the most recent events of the group. So much of our 'prophecy' has come to pass that we've decided it would be fun to memorialize our predictions rather than having them be lost to time. Here, then, are the things we've predicted relative to the group otherwise known as 'The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight'.


May, 2007 - Looks like you missed your big chance to get involved with the group that was going to change the face of Freemasonry as we knew it. No, not the Modern Rite of Memphis. That's SO pass and no, not the Rose Cross of Gold which has now had more metamorphoses than a yard-full of caterpillars. Nope, we're talking about missing your big chance to get involved with the grandiosely titled "United Grand Lodge of America" which in truth united only a few Starbucks visitors and a couple of malcontents removed from Freemasonry. No announcement on a replacement of their Grand Secretary and no big announcement of the wonderful annual meeting that was scheduled. The homepage of their ONLY online lodge intermittently hidden behind password protection, and the 'contact us' page of the so-called Grand Lodge website removed so there's no way to get in touch - and with no updates for months with the front page emblazoned with a quote from a NON-MASON! Perhaps now that they've got ALL the secrets, there's some magical, mystical way that one gets involved. Heck, maybe they're advertising on Holocaust denial locations as was done by a connected predecessor for all we know....

We wonder what happened to the many lodges formed in January, 2006 including Deep Blue Current No.8, Miami, Florida, Alexandria No. 9, Augusta, Georgia, Anderson No. 10, Mobile, Alabama, Rose Croix No. 11, Lawrenceville, Georgia, Prince Adept No. 12, Atlanta, Georgia, and Solomon No. 13, Montgomery, Alabama? Did the Starbucks in all of those places close down? Did everyone stop attending and realize they'd gotten into something that was so 'emperor-dependant' that it couldn't survive? Was it - like SO many other tales told by these Munchkins, just a lot of smoke and mirrors?

You decide - but just wait: we predict that the 'next big thing' will be along very, very soon.... And with a shelf-life of about 18 months for any of the groups formed by 'the usual suspects', you'll want to get on board at the very beginning.

"Secrecy and Discretion are the Watchwords of a true Brother"

It's a made-up slogan to try and convince you that there's something going on that you don't hear about.
It's the flim-flam man - the three card monty game - the ooogaaa-booogaaaa that will make you think that it's the 'real' deal when it's nothing but an internet website that is just like the Nigerian scammers.
The boogey-man approach is, sadly, so much of what the people who crank out this foolishness are all about.


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