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"The only thing worse than a liar is a liar that’s also a hypocrite!"
Tennessee Williams (1914–83), U.S. dramatist. Rosa, in 'The Rose Tattoo', act 3.

We thought that those attending the Ephesians 5-11 "Ministry to Masons Conference" or those who have the misfortune of reading Greg Lambert's online postings should have a couple of examples of the type of person Greg really is. For a person who claims to be a true follower of Jesus, we've found his conduct reprehensible and believe that the examples below will convince you of this as well.

Blinded by hatred, it appears that nothing is beneath him. Is this a person you'd trust to present an accurate position on anything?

One of the most nauseating things we've ever seen online was a post from Lambert on alt.freemasonry as follows:

From: truegspl@aol.com (TrueGspl)
Newsgroups: alt.freemasonry
Subject: Another mason shows his colors
Date: 24 Feb 1999 06:52:57 GMT

White Supremacist, Freemason, Nazi, Found Guilty of Dragging Death

Death Penalty Phase Next

By Jeff Franks


JASPER, Texas (Feb. 24) - White supremacist John William King wrote that the dragging death of black man James Byrd was a historic act. Tuesday a Texas jury said it was capital murder.

Now what is particularly heinous about this is that Lambert FORGED this news story. It actually appeared on Reuters as follows:

Texas Racist Convicted In Dragging Death Of Black

By Jeff Franks

JASPER, Texas (Reuters) - White supremacist John William King wrote that the dragging death of black man James Byrd was a historic act. Tuesday a Texas jury said it was capital murder.

The jury of 11 whites and one black found King guilty of the brutal slaying of Byrd last June 7 -- a decision that could send King to the death chamber.

Now if you look quickly, you'll see little difference - and that's because you've been concentrating on the STORY! Look at the HEADLINE in Greg's forged news story where he adds the word "Freemason", something that was not in the story AT ALL - and that's because the 24 year-old was NOT A MASON but in order to defame the fraternity, Greg felt compelled - for whatever reason known only to him and his God - to lie!!!  For shame!!!

Whether you think Freemasonry is good or bad, is there anything which justifies creating a fraud like this? Trying to defame Masonry by linking it - erroneously - to one of the most heinous crimes in the United States?


And we thought that Lambert couldn't be more crass until this was posted shortly after the news first broke of the shootings at the high school in Littleton, Colorado:

From: truegspl@aol.com (TrueGspl)
Newsgroups: alt.freemasonry
Subject: Denver
Date: 21 Apr 1999 04:18:32 GMT

I am sure the sick-o-s in Denver are children of masons and oes punks. We shall see...........

This is a person who believes in the love and truth of Jesus? It's hard to imagine....

And in addition to behavior like that above, there are the unceasing lies. In one case, this website's author bet $100 (later added to by another poster) that Greg had not done anything at all for humanity lately. His answer was "6000 free bibles, built two food pantries, and led more peole <sic> to Christ than you have lead to hiram, your savior. In the last 8 months." Aware of his regular dishonesty, we asked for proof of the claim regarding building food pantries. Instead, however, Greg replied with an address of his church to which we could send our check. Interestingly, however, when a call was made to the church, they indicated that they knew nothing about the food pantries and that we should call Greg directly. (They kindly provided his phone number.) In later messages when we continued to press Greg for information about this claim of his, he first ignored the requests and later claimed that his church had not received our check. (Of course it hadn't: we hadn't sent it because Greg had not proven his claim!)

Yet another monkey....At that point, we posted information about the call to his church. Greg reacted furiously saying that we were lying since he had no phone; that everything is handled by his pager! (This claim was immediately questioned by several other newsgroup participants who saw the fallacy of a claim that a person regularly posting to the internet had no phone - and that it was a bit superfluous to have a pager without a phone to answer the pages with....) We provided both the church's phone number and the number they had provided for him. He has yet to deny that the number was his but stands by his claim that he has no television and no phone.

Further, he writes that he would simply tear up the check if it ever arrived - but that he was sure it wouldn't because all Masons are liars! The concept of turning down funds for a food pantry (particularly one run out of his home from what we are led to believe) is to us astonishing - yet Lambert seems pleased to do that because it somehow supports his 'knowledge' that it wasn't going to happen anyway. In fact, in a later message the claim regarding food pantries was increased to THREE - but needless to say, no proof of building anything except a web of lies has been forthcoming.

Sometimes it seems that Greg Lambert, similar to Ken Mitchell, enjoys creating a fictitious world where he is right and all Masons are wrong. During April, 1999, for example, some Masons on the alt.freemasonry newsgroup agreed to simply ignore him. When a poster (who had not added his assent to the agreement) sent a message to Greg, this was his reply:

From: truegspl@aol.com (TrueGspl)
Newsgroups: alt.freemasonry
Subject: Re: One more time
Date: 26 Apr 1999 02:12:59 GMT

Thats what I was waiting for. You people all voted Aye to ignor me. You just lied again. Proving masons wrong is as easy as shooting fish in a barrel! HAHAHAHA ANyway, you filled my slide tray for this time with your lie. Thanks, now I have all new materal. See you all in the fall, when I will beback for more material! HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAA

Can it really be possible that an adult simply doesn't understand that if ten Masons agree to do something, their agreement is not binding on all other Masons? Perhaps, he really does believe that Masons lied but in either event, it should be clear that this is not someone from whom you can accurately determine "truth" - of any kind!

Greg also seems to enjoy quoting famous Masons as 'proof' of his 'true gospel'. In reality, though, these 'proofs' are often lacking. Here are but two examples:

bulletFrom: truegspl@aol.com (TrueGspl)
Newsgroups: alt.freemasonry
Subject: Re: M.A.F.I.A.
Date: 18 Apr 1999 21:17:16 GMT

Albert Mackey 33 degree mason says, "The religion of Freemasonry is not Christianty". Mackeys Encylclopedia 1966 p.618

Keep it coming now. As you all have said, "No mason EVER called masonry a religion. If anyone did they are idiots and not masons" You guys make my work easy. I need ten more slides... Help me out here...

to which we replied

Bzzzzzttttttt...... WRONG! Page 618 of that edition (1966) has a full page on "The Old Manuscripts" in which it lists dozens of them. Not a single mention of religion on the entire page. Want to try for another one?

bulletFrom: truegspl@aol.com (TrueGspl)
Newsgroups: alt.freemasonry
Subject: Re: M.A.F.I.A.
Date: 18 Apr 1999 21:24:34 GMT

33 degree Henry Coil says, " Many Freemasons make this flight [death] with no other garentee of a safe landing [Heaven] than THEIR [MANY] BELIEF IN THE RELIGION OF FREEMASONRY".

Coli's encyclopedia p. 51

WHOOPS, no mason EVER said masonry was a religion. Now not only does another one say so, but he admits MANY others do also. But he is not a mason according to the masons here, because NO MASON EVER SAID MASONRY IS A RELIGION! AHHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA

to which we replied

Now you didn't say which edition of Coil's you were looking at but since you didn't defame Allen E. Roberts for the updating, we must conclude that you were looking at the original 1961 work.

Let's see what's on that page, shall we?

-- Angle of a Square
-- Animal Decorations
-- Annapolis Stone
-- Anno Benefacionis
-- Anno Depositionis
-- Anno Inventionis
-- Anno Lucis
-- Anno Mundi
-- Anno Ordinis
-- Annual Communication
-- Annual Proceedings
-- Annual Word
-- Annuities
-- Annoint
-- Anon
-- Antediluvian Freemasonry

Now would you care to tell the audience waiting with bated breath under which of these topics you seem to think this quote is found? (Clue: it's not there ANYWHERE!!!)

These two messages are but two examples of Lambert's scholarship - and/or lies: either way, we wonder why anyone would believe him when he proclaims the evils of Freemasonry.

When considering the actions of Greg Lambert as described here, we trust there remains no question about his credibility - in ANY matter and not only his supposed 'truth' about the evils of Freemasonry.

LATE BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: Despite Greg's posturing on the internet's alt.freemasonry newsgroup, it appears that he has been dropped as a presenter from the 'Missions to Masons' Conference in 1999. In fact, not a single reference to Greg remains on their web site as of May 7, 1999! Perhaps even those who can't see the fallacy of their own arguments could see that Greg was simply a 'loose cannon' and despite his professions of piety, have chosen to move on without him. Typical of his lies, Greg maintained up through his most recent posting in late April that he needed 'material' for his talk at the conference. Since then, however, it appears he has removed each and every alt.freemasonry message archived at Deja News so as to, perhaps, 'leave without a trace'. A simple search on 'Truegspl' there, however, reveals a plethora of posts from others in response, most of which quote his original material.

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